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Transformation to a New You:


It’s approximately 30 days into the New Year, enough time to lose sight and inspiration to accomplish all those challenging goals you initially set for yourself at the beginning of the year. Don’t give up on your ambitions just yet. The difference between failure and success, could be as simple as creating an effective strategy and a well executed plan.

1. Lifetime or Moment in Time in Life

Understand whatever you do that it is for a lifetime not for a moment in time in your life.


2. Write it down!

Write down clear and measurable goals. If you want to lose weight, jot down exactly how much weight you want to lose. If you want to exercise more, write down how many days you want to workout. When your goal is clear to see then you are more likely to achieve it.


























3. Find the star on the map

We’ve all used the directories in the mall. The first thing we do is look for the ‘star’ on the map that indicates ‘you are here’. We quickly look for the store we’re going to, and we’re able to direct ourselves to your final destination. Have you ever looked at directory where the star fell off? It’s a frustrating experience to say the least.  Understanding where you are and where you’re trying to go is a crucial in accomplishing your body changing goals. If you want to lose weight, know how much you weigh now. If you’re trying to lose body fat, know what you carry now. If you want to run a marathon, know how far you can run without stopping.  Document all of your findings, take pictures of yourself at the beginning, or write about your journey.

4. Mind to paper

Let’s stick with the same mall example above. Once we find the star and we locate our store, we mentally begin to create a plan in our head of how to start our shopping experience. Write Down Your Plan! Ok, I admit, writing down your path to Neiman Marcus is a bit silly, but writing down your plan for achieving your exercise related goals is imperative to success. Would you trust a home builder to build your million dollar mansion without a blueprint or a plan? Then why would you trust yourself to do the same when working on a priceless temple, yourself? Put your plan down on paper, analyze it, tweak it, and make it happen!



Aaron Zambrano is a General Manager at Larry North Fitness, and also co-owner of Elite Physiques. He started as a fitness competitor and quickly progressed to be the on stage personality for Musclemania Texas and Fitness America for 6 years. Aaron is high-level personal trainer and nutrition expert as well as an elite posing coach. He uses fitness, nutrition and competitions as the vehicle to expand the self-expectations of all his clients and be introduced to a world they never knew could exist.



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