002 | The Camel Johdpur – 3 Ways

We’re excited to bring you yet another page from our recurring style journal. Each of these journals are carefully thought out, in efforts to bring you the most possible value, period. In this journal, we’d like to discuss the infamous Camel Suede Boots. Some of you fine Gents may already own a pair of Camel chelseas, our Camel Jodhpurs, or better yet may be aspiring to own a pair. In either case, this style of boot is great for weekend wear, as it’s perfectly suiting for just about any casual style. Denim especially. And we all love denim.  And so, we’ve taken it upon ourselves, to compile a trilogy of ways you could style this boot.


Relaxed in Denim

There’s something about the soft blue hue of medium to light denim, that seems to bring out the best of camel boots. Effortlessly at that. Here, we simply paired a well tailored denim button down & biker jeans with our Camel Jodhpurs. We added a braided belt over tucked in shirt tails for a slight touch of sophistication, creating the perfect weekend look for lunch meeting with clients, and running important errands (i.e. apt or property showings) while looking the more link part.

Denim on Denim Men's Style

Camel Chelsea Jodhpur Boots

Extreme Contrast 

Let’s face it. Somedays you really could care less about looking the part. The Monday to Friday grind can be extremely taxing for many of us, not to mention…restrictive. This look is certainly not for the faint hearted, but instead for the days that aren’t meant to be played safe. Articles include, a pair of black distressed jeans, darker colored Tee, and last but not least a biker jacket. A black denim jacket would work just as well, if you happen to not own the former. A cool necklace & headgear (i.e. Ball Cap, Fedora) helps tie the look together, keeping it neat, athletic and sporty. We chose to go with a summer beanie here apparently. In a nutshell, relax, let go & let loose!

Bike Jacket Chelsea Boots Mens Style

Suit it Up

It may or may not come as a suprise, that the Camel boot is one of the most comfortable dress boots on the market, due to its softer suede upper construction, which also allows for additional flexibility in contrast to its leather dress boot counterparts. As such, you may be tempted to were your Camel Chelsea or Jodhpur boots on professional occasions. And why not? Afterall, you paid a pretty penny for it.

We must confess, dressing up the Camel boot was a little tricky to pull off and accomplish. First things first, light colored suede boots are a little more difficult to pair with dress slacks, especially if they happen to be dark colored. To be quite frank, the pairing comes off as pretentious and of poor amateur taste, as the casual nature of the boots doesn’t blend quite well with the formal finishing of dress pants.

For this reason, we chose to go with a pair of slim dark denim, equivalently casual in nature.  Second challenge was properly dressing up the torso, as we also found a single breasted blazer didn’t come across sharp and polished enough, as it failed to offset the laid back denim and suede boots. Therefore it wasn’t quite fitting for the cheap tickets to new jersey job. A double breasted blazer however, proved to be the perfect combination, bringing an elevated level of sophistication to the aforementioned casual pieces. Should you happen to not own a double breasted jacket, not to worry. A single breasted blazer paired ‘with’ a vest should do the trick, given the sophisticated 3 piece effect the combination provides.

Business suit Chelsea Boots

Business suit Chelsea Boots


Did you enjoy this journal? We certainly hope you did. If you’d like to see more of this, or have a question or remark about this post, kindly drop us a comment here. We’ll be sure to respond and would love to hear from you. Thanks again for your time & attention!




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