005 | 5 ways to Khaki

The Khaki Suit. A riveting item of menswear that is always sure to demand attention. However, due to it’s lighter hue, most gents choose to err on the side of conservatism, settling instead for darker suiting fabrics such as navy & black. We’ve put together this quick compilation, to simply illustrate just how versatile the Khaki suit, can in fact be. A slight twist & addition here and there, make all the difference. But don’t take our word for it. Enjoy!


1. Business Professional – Add your favorite tie & pocket square.

Southern Gents Khaki Suit

2. The 3 Piece – Simply add a vest in any style or color. 

Southern Gents Khaki Suit

3. Break it up – Opt for a darker pair color of trousers. 

Southern Gents Khaki Suit

4.  Business Casual – Think about losing the tie. But trade in trousers for a pair of jeans & comfy loafers. Suede. Yes?

Southern Gents Khaki Suit

5. Weekend Relaxed – Ditch the dress shirt and tie for your favorite Tee & a pair of sneakers. Boom! #Done

Southern Gents Khaki Suit


And there you have it. 5 ways to look stunning in Khaki. We hope you enjoyed this brief style note.


Please kindly forward to any Gent who’d equally enjoy this write up. Cheers!


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Blazer-  Single Breasted Blazer – Khaki 

Vest: Double Breasted Vest – Khaki

Khaki Trouser: Slim Trouser – Khaki

Navy Trouser: Slim Trouser – Navy 

Dress shirt: Spread Collar Shirt – Denim

Tassle Loafers:  Newton Loafers – Camel

Penny Loafers: Smithson Loafers – Black