001 | The Alternative Blazer

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Let’s face it! When it comes to formal wear and office style, there’s really no replacement for a well tailored blazer. However, and as we all know from experience, sporting a blazer each and every day can be well… rather tiresome, if not boring.

Though there are a few alternatives available (not many), we’ve decided to stick with the field jacket for this specific journal. Traditionally bulky, and loosely fitting with casual fatigued detailing, we designed our very own Field Jacket for a more refined fit, with careful attention to detail, and to be suitable for both casual and even formal office wear. Our field jacket features purposefully understated camouflage fabric. Not too loud to cause a ruckus and unnecessary distraction, yet just enough to be stylish while maintaining professionalism.

Here, we poised our style shoot for a midweek theme, pairing them with well ironed black dress slacks to quiet down the militant upper. A well tailored pair of grey slacks would have worked just as well. Other notable fittings include our crisp white spread collar shirt and a properly knotted black silk tie, to keep a business format. Again, conservatism underneath was extremely important, due to the busy, aggressive look of the jacket. For finishing touches and to bring all pieces together in a respectable sartorial manner, we added a well polished pair of our Cognac Single Monkstraps, in efforts to keep the ensemble from being rather dull and uninteresting.

Last but not least, and to avoid snide comments from co-workers or less stylish, envious work associates, with regards to a camouflage or field jacket not being “work appropriate”, we added a pair of our thin oval framed Fitzerald readers in Tortoise finish. Yeah, that should remind every bystander that this look, although unorthodox, is still…all about business!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this read. We plan to keep you both informed and inspired with our bi-weekly style journal. Please see a listing of featured clothing items at the footer of this journal. Thanks again for reading. Any and all feedback or questions are welcome.

Featured Products

Jacket: Camo Field Jacket
Shirt: Perfect Spread Dress Shirt – Crisp White
Tie: Blackburn Textured Silk Tie
Shoes: Cognac Single Monkstraps
Readers: Fitzgerald Tortoise






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Cris D'Annunzio
Cris D'Annunzio

November 03, 2022

Where can I shop this look? Are these all items offered by SG?


October 14, 2022

Great read!

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