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We are well aware that our customers are amongst the stylish in the game. Each and everyone of you has a unique sense of style, hence your subscription to and loyal following of the Southern Gents brand. Nonetheless, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to showcase and share with you, 5 different ways to sport your favorite topcoat this winter. For this journal, we’ll focus on work appropriate ensembles. But enough chatter for now. See below and we hope you find this thread insighful. Cheers!

~ Casual + Classy ~

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1. Over a Full Suiting ensemble.

Keep things plain and simple with minimal accessory, and neutral colors. Grey, Brown, Black and Navy are all great suiting choices. 


SG Anniversary V Topcoat  ~ Navy – $235


2. With a Turtleneck.


Turtlenecks are a matchmade in Heaven with topcoats. Go monochrome with a consistent shade (i.e. Navy + Blue, Black + Grey) or contrasting with opposing colors as shown with camel on black below. Opportunities are endless here.



SG Anniversary V Topcoat  ~ Camel – $195


3. With a Doublebreasted Vest.

Singlebreasted topcoat paired with a ‘doublebreasted’ vest results in an instant win! For best results opt for a vest that contrasts well with your topcoat. i.e Black vest on a Camel Coat, or Brown vest a Black Coat. Arguably our most favorite look of the season.



SG Anniversary V Topcoat – Black  $195



4. With a Dress Shirt Only (No-Tie).

There’s an enormous misconception that topcoats are fitting for extreme cold weather climates only. This couldn’t be further from the truth. An effortless look with a dress shirt, favorite necklace and crisp pair of dress slacks. Hang coat & roll up shirt sleeves at the office. Done!



SG Anniversary Topcoat  ~ Herringbone –  $195


5. With Jeans & a Scarf.'


Keep it even simpler for Casual Fridays. Crewneck sweater with or without a dress shirt. Polo shirt is fine too. Dress loafers or monks are must here to keep a formal look and remain work appropriate. Add a scarf for an extra touch. 



6. Bonus Look – With a Denim Jacket.

On the coolest of days, throw a denim jacket over a turtleneck or neat shirt and tie ensemble. To avoid an overly casual look, stick with dress slacks and a well polished pair of dress boots.



SG Rogue Wingtip Boots ~ Dark Brown – $230


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Tracy Cooper
Tracy Cooper

November 12, 2022

Do you guys still have the anniversary herringbone coat ?

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