004 | Fedora & Sneakers

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There’s definitely a ‘Love + Hate’ phenomenon with regards to seasons. One minute we long for chilly winds and flurry weather, with the plethora of layering options and opportunities they provide. And the next? Well we’re whining, complaining, and longing for loose clothing, summer parties, and sunny days by the pool. Spring & Summer are all about comfort and in this episode of our style Journal, we’ve set our eyes on one of our favorite S-Gents uniforms for the season. The Fedora & Sneaker combination. These two go hand in hand like hot dogs and grilled buns, ‘Live at the BBQ’. ????


Additionally, when we designed our Geoffrey Fedora, our goal was to create a rather blank canvas. One that was strikingly beautiful in its vanilla state, yet could be quickly & easily accessorized with loads of flare, illustrating a classy display of personal style.  Unbeknownst  to many, the complimentary Fedora & Sneaker pairing makes for some of the most laid back, yet stylish casual ensembles. But hey, don’t take our word for it. We’ve compiled a few of our favorite looks, showing off some classic Fedora/Sneaker combinations with a diverse pairing of casual tennis shoes. Lace up a comfortable pair and stay in ‘your own’ personal shade. From running shoes, to high tops, and bold colors. Here…it’s all fair game!


1. Rock a Simple Tee

2. Layer with a Light Overcoat

3. Go Sleeveless

4. Pair with a Lightweight Suit

5. Add a Neckerchief

6. Militant with Camouflage

7. Biker Jacket and/or vibrant sneakers



Featured Products

Fedora: Geoffrey Fedora – Camel

Fedora : Geoffrey Fedora – Dark  Brown

Jacket: Camouflage Field Jacket

Jacket: SG Rogue Biker Jacket

Coat: Single Breasted Pinstripe Topcoat

Feather Pack: 6 Pack






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