006 | Why we love the Sport Boot006 | Why we love the Sport Boot

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When it comes to style, non-professional style specifically, pairing the right fits together can be quite challenging. Have you ever felt an urge, to lose the dress shoes and blazer, but still found yourself wanting to look the part? Why, of course you have! It’s a headscratcher, and something we go through ourselves quite often. Consequently, we designed our Sport Boot collection for this very reason. A line up of extremely comfortable, sneaker soled footwear, featuring an edgy appeal on the surface, yet stealth, minimalist lines, and catchy details.

Here, you can find elements of the finest classic dress shoes, yet enough swank to get noticed, without going over the top. We also were sure to include in our collection, a color way that ensures there is something for every Gent. White soles that scream athleisure? Or a sleek caramel welt that gives just the right amount of spark! The good news is, you don’t have to choose 😉 . Gentlemen, say hello to footwear that makes the impossible… possible! 

~ Casual + Classy ~


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Southern Gents


SG Rogue Sport ~ Triple Black – $235



+Selvedge Denim & Tank Top with a favorite Jacket.


SG Rogue ~ Cognac + Tweed –  $235


+ Sartorial Overcoat ‘and/or’ simple crew-neck sweater and button down.




SG Rogue Sport  ~ Black Stealth –  $235



+ Street-style pairings with Monochromatic Tones.


SG Logan High Top Boots – Triple Black + Caramel –  $235





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