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We spent a day with our good friend, Aaron Shields, for a field day on one of his routine real estate showings. Aaron is a realtor in Houston, TX with a specialization in luxury apartment & condominium rentals. 

For Aaron, looking his best is a non-negotiable, as prospectively selling to Fortune 500 executives, High net worth individuals, and entrepreneurs is no easy feat. It's important he looks the part, and with remarkable self-presentation, need little to no introduction nor room for doubt with his clients. So let's dive in to a break down of our styling session for Aaron's showing day, and how we put together his signature look. 

Step 1 - Establish a Foundation.

For a pristine look, it's always important to have a solid base. With professional suiting, it's a clever idea to start with a striking suit or blazer, that you could easily build an entire look around. And that's just what we did here, with our V3 Blazer in a Khaki & Orange plaid wool pattern. 
Step 2 - Build with intent
Because Aaron has a wide diversity of clients, we wanted to keep things balanced, by offsetting the rich tones in the blazer with understated pieces. This is an important style note to keep in mind, when putting together your formal to semi-formal ensembles.  
With a powdered blue shirt, and navy trouser, we've not only managed to keep things simple without overthinking the outfit but properly layered this look to allow for almost any style or color of accessory pairings.
Step 3 - Finish what you started.
With a colorful patterned blazer and subtle undergarments, there's really no need to introduce additional flare. And so a sleek pair of black penny loafers, complimenting leather wristwatch, and dark-colored tie seemed to be a no-brainer here. 
If you recall from our last week's style note, we mentioned that mixing of patterns were perfectly fine, as long as such patterns were in a different scale and type. i.e. (a Polka dot tie on pinstriped blazer or shirt) Similarly, this was our approach for this style assignment with our dark colored paisley tie, on solid shirt to perfectly anchor those plaid blazer patterns.
Step 4 - Make it count
Remember...simplicity is key, and once you master the art of putting together a look this impeccable, it's time to make your mark on the world. The confidence you've now summed up may just be that extra push you never knew you needed. So get out there, make a splash, and lock in those deals at your next meeting or presentation. Just like Mr. Shields!
Click here to see the full video from our filming segment of this style session. Until next time Gents. Feel free to shoot us an email if there's any topic you'd like to see us cover in the coming SG Style Notes. 


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