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There’s something about vintage style. The timelessness it exudes. The respect it demands. The confidence it provides. When it comes to vintage menswear, what’s not to love? Vintage style is nothing short of a safe bet. Here, there are never any worries or concern with regard to looking the part. In shorter words, it ‘always’ looks good. No matter who seems to be wearing it or how. So how exactly does one execute or pull off a vintage styled fit you may be wondering? Well not to worry. Here’s a quick run down on how to look exceptional, in a dated yet stylish manner.

With a vintage approach to professional menswear, less is definitely more. This means clean understated footwear, simple or light patterns, perfectly mixed together to bring about the renaissance man within you. However, and in our opinion, the most essential part of going vintage, lies in collar of the dress shirt. Nothing cranks up the time machine effect, faster and louder than a club collar shirt or traditional ‘American point collar’. Add a collar bar or pin to either of these shirt styles and your work here is just about done!

While a solid colored tie would have worked well for this vintage shoot, we decided to go with our Navy Savannah Striped tie to add a preppy feel and punchy contrast. A four-in-hand/half windsor is the only kind of tie knot acceptable here. No exceptions! Last but not least and as previously mentioned, understated minimal footwear with our dark brown single monkstraps. A pair of pastel blue socks to bring a much needed spark to the fine burnished toe calfskin leather. 

As always we hope you enjoyed this read and found it insightful. Take a stab at a vintage approach sometime this Spring. You wont be disappointed.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this read. We plan to keep you both informed and inspired with our bi-weekly style journal. Please see a listing of featured clothing items at the footer of this journal. Thanks again for reading. Any and all feedback or questions are welcome.


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 Featured Model : Aaron Shields, 38, is Texas Real Estate Agent, in the City of Houston. Also a professional pianist, Sir Shields is an avid fitness and vintage Volkswagen enthusiast, owning both 1965 and 1960 convertible beetle model. Stay connected and find him on instagram at @aaronmshields.


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