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In the summer months, loafers are some of our favorite shoes when it comes to formal wear and looking the part. Whether it's for work or play, the ease of slipping in and out of a comfy pair of loafers are literally indescribable. Loafers offer an elegant touch to any attire. So why then, should we have to give this up during cooler seasons?! Good question. We don't! 
There are certainly a tons of ways to get the most out of a dress loafer in the Fall or Winter, and we've compiled a list of stylish looks to show you just how. 
Photo courtesy of Rose & Born
1. Picking the right loafer
Selecting the 'right' loafer is more or less a subjective tasks. In our opinon, every loafer is a great loafer, as each offers it's own prominent features. There are quite a few options to choose from, for instance the style of loafer namely penny loafers, tassle loafers, horsebit loafers or fringe loafers. Materials of loafers in suede or leather, is also a key factor, as well as color finish from dark brown, black, cognac or even oxblood. Below is a simple chart featuring different styles of loafers. 
2. Pair with a nice blazer or suit
For 9-5 work calls, interviews, business meetings, or presentations, the loafer is always a weapon of choice. In cooler months, adding a pair of dress socks of your desired thickness will do the trick. Grab you favorite suit or blazer & trouser combo, and add some layering elements like a denim jacket, roundeck sweater or scarf. You could also always trade the shirt and tie for the staple turtlneck and you're good to go.
Photo via Rose & Born.
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3. Pair with an Overcoat 
For all the exact same formal business reasons as No. 2 above, take things a step further with an overcoat to really steal the show. The long drape of a well fitting coat, really takes cold weather styles to a whole new level. Not to mention, a well played pairing with a classic loafer most certainly screams distinguished elegance. 
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4. With Denim + Short Jacket
Can't leave out the casual hangs & nightlife. Dress down your loafers with your favorite pairs of jeans, a signature ball cap or any other element of streetstyle for a more dressed down approach. For instance, a crewneck sweatshirt, beanie, or even a fedora + hooded sweatshirt combo would definitely do the trick here.
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4. Bonus Tip* 
Socks change the Game! Pairing your loafers with the right pair of socks, can do wonders for your ensemble. Whether it's a muted grey for a sleek professional look, contrasting white for a more casual sporty feel, or a splash of color to keep things interesting and elegant. So when rocking those loafers, remember to choose your socks wisely!
Southern Gents Single Breasted Camel Coat
Photo via Imogene + Willie
Southern Gents Single Breasted Camel Coat
Photo via Anonymous.
Southern Gents Single Breasted Camel Coat
Photo via Anonymous. 

We hope you've enjoyed this read, and that we've inspired you to catch a vibe with a pair of loafers this season. Oh, one more thing... we're also taking suggestions for future write ups, and so if you'd like to see more of this, let us know what you think and comment below, what style topics you'd like to see us cover next. Until next time family...


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