Behind The Brand.


An inside peek at what it takes to run our 'little engine that could'. And none of it would be possible without YOU!


Inventory Arrival & Order Fulfillment. 

Running a small business can be, well… a nightmare! An e-commerce business at that. Behinds the glitz and Glamour on Instagram pictures and Facebook Ads, is usually an extremely messy and chaotic process. Accessibility to millions of people across the world, yet fulfilling and delivering on brand promises with a limited team. In this video, we walk you through our behind the scenes of our freight inventory arrival process from our international manufacturing partners, and order fulfilment to customers across the globe .


For us, organization is key, and simplifying every step of the process, is an essential part of the game. Dive in to get and inside peek of the hard work, long hours, organizational strategy, and what it really takes to run a somewhat successful small business. We hope this inspire you to either get started on your entrepreneurial dreams, OR develop a sense of appreciation for small businesses and brands around the world.