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Gain insights on how to shop smart, sizing tips, tailoring guides, and how to achieve your desired look. Check out our simple DIYs on how to get the most bang for your buck!




How to straighten Hat Brim.


Don’t rock a crooked brim. With our unfinished brim Fedoras, it’s important to have a sleek straight blade like brim for best possible style results. And a bent brim is inevitable over the life of ownership, from normal wear and mishaps.  Tune in to this quick DIY on how to get your brim back in pristine form.



How to measure your Hat Size.


Save yourself unnecessary headaches, shipping fees, return/exchange transit times from the Get-Go! Simply watch this brief tutorial to figure out your correct hat size. Order with confidence & accruracy!



How to perfectly* Tailor your suit.


Sure! A made to measure suit would be the perfect solution. But hey, most of us are on a budget here. Off the rack suits are definitely meant to be tailored, to achieve the best possible fit. And better yet, our suit seperates are designed to have a modern, updated,slim cut, while still being unforgiving a enough to fit a variety of body types. Transform your suiting items to a perfect ‘made to measure’ like fit with these simple steps.

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