Gain insights on how to shop smart, sizing tips, tailoring guides, and how to achieve your desired look. Check out our simple DIYs on how to get the most bang for your buck!



How to 'PERFECTLY' tailor your suit. 

 Tailoring is a major key. In this video we walk through 7 Easy steps, to get the absolute best fitment for your suiting, in the event of course, you own a properly fitting and decently cut suit.



How to style a Fedora. 

 It’s no secret that we’re huge fan of Fedoras. Hats are an effortless way to instantly spruce up just about any look or style. With so many different hat styles, and ways to wear them, we’ve created our 5 ways to wear segment to showcase the true versatility and timeless looks that can be created with the touch of a classic brim.



How to wear casual boots. 

 When it comes to style, it’s not secret that your shoes seal the deal. In this short video, we walk through 3 effortlessly stylish way to rock a sport boot or any casual boot. Don’t over think it, weather & comfort first, then add a little ounce of flare & attitude


5 ways to wear a Trucker & Denim Jacket. 

 When it comes to class, layering is well... a major key. There's something about that extra piece of outerwear that instantly makes any outfit feel, that more stylish and sophisticated even with casual gear. In this video, we sit down with Dallas based photographer, influencer, and poet Deveja Webb(@_djuice), as he shares his unique twist on 5 different way's he loves to rock his trucker jackets.



How to fix a bent or crushed Hat.

Hat damage! Just like death & taxes, this is just another misfortune, inevitable during the course of life. Ha! But not to worry, in this video we walk you through a step by step process how to punch your favorite wool felt, beaver or straw hats, back in to shape. Because friends don’t let friends to let classic pieces go to waste.



How to straighten Hat Brim.


Don’t rock a crooked brim. With our unfinished brim Fedoras, it’s important to have a sleek straight blade like brim for best possible style results. And a bent brim is inevitable over the life of ownership, from normal wear and mishaps.  Tune in to this quick DIY on how to get your brim back in pristine form.



How to measure your Hat Size.


Save yourself unnecessary headaches, shipping fees, return/exchange transit times from the Get-Go! Simply watch this brief tutorial to figure out your correct hat size. Order with confidence & accruracy!